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Premium Hash. No BS.

We Make Craft Concentrates

For hash enthusiasts and newcomers alike, our thoughtful approach to terp preservation and exotic flavor profiles allows for a unique aromatic expression with each experience.

Close up detailed image of a live sugar concentrate.

Discover Headchange Products

Explore our extensive selection of premium hash products, meticulously crafted with skill, passion, and dedication.

Close up image of Live Rosin Concentrate.
Live Rosin Concentrate
Award-winning hash, hand-washed for the terpiest dab experience.
Close up image of a Live Sugar Concentrate.
Live Sugar Concentrate
THCa diamonds in terp sauce.
Close up image of Live Badder Concentrate.
Live Badder Concentrate
Hand-whipped for a terp-rich, cake batter consistency that’s easy to dab.
Person putting Live Sauce Carts in pocket.
Live Sauce Carts
Liquid Diamonds & Sauce in a cart. Because your rig won’t fit in your pocket.
Person standing in headchange shirt at an industry conference.
Person smoking dab in headchange shirt.
Person smoking Live Sauce Carts.
Person holding Live sauce cart.
Person Stranding in alleyway in headchange shirt
person smoking headchange product out of dab rig.
Two people stand agains green wall in headchange t shirts holding headchange products.
Person smoking headchange concentrate out of dab rig.
Higher Standards for a Better Dab Experience

Locally-Grown Cannabis, and We Never Use CRC.

Like you, we are humans and have loved ones who are also humans, health and safety are our top priority. We NEVER use Color Remediation Chromatography (CRC), which is a bleaching process to give oil with naturally dark hues a lighter, more amber color. The health risks of CRC are unknown, and that’s all we need to know.